The Start of my Journey: Our Diets

This week I embarked on a new journey in my life. I am taking a step forward to improving the health and wellness of myself and my family.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is always a big step, sometimes a leap of faith. Making the decision didn’t come easy for me… But I wanted to do something that was going to improve the overall health for my family.

So first… Our diets.  My husband is a country boy who thinks every meal should consist of red meat and white potatoes. He has an abnormal aversion to most white food items, so sour cream, cream cheese, mayo, etc are all out of the question for food options.  Our kids are carb and sugar junkies.  Our 9 year old son could polish off a roll of saltines in minutes if you let him, and our 7 year old daughter has an enormous sweet tooth.  Finding dinner recipes that met everyone’s needs often meant boxed mac n cheese, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and other processed or quick to make meals.

Something needed to change.  I knew that trying to cut any one thing out or adapting a strict diet plan was something that simply would not work for us. So I started doing some research and simply eating more cleanly (less processed meals), looked plausible.

I compiled a menu of recipes where veggies were the main ingredient. I informed by husband that we would still have red meat, but it would only be 2-3 times a week. The rest would be chicken, pork, or fish. He was willing to give that a go with me.

Here were our recipes for our first week:

Monday: Baked Salmon, Asparagus, and Brussel Sprouts – I have to admit, this was AWESOME and everyone cleaned their plate!

Salmon recipe

Tuesday: Balsamic Beef Roast with Roasted Veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and red peppers) – the beef roast was a little sweet but the kids scarfed it down in a bun with barbecue sauce!

Balsamic Beef Roast

Roasted Veggie Recipe

Wednesday: Baked Parmesan chicken and roasted cauliflower. This chicken was a hit but the cauliflower… Not so much. We are going to try it again though, just cooked a different way.

Baked Parm Chicken

Parm Caulifower

Thursday: Cabbage and Kielbasa skillet. Epic fail! We like boiled cabbage but the skillet recipe turned everyone away. 😦

Cabbage and Kielbasa Skillet

Friday: Baked Chicken with Veggies (spinach, artichokes, and onions). The chicken rocked the show for everyone. The veggies, not as much, although our daughter loved the cooked spinach and picked it all out of the pan!

Baked Chicken, Spinach, & Artichokes

Saturday: Beef, Kale, and Mushroom stir-fry. The kids weren’t a huge fan of this one either. Son decided he doesn’t like mushrooms now! 

Beef, Kale, & Mushroom Stir-Fry

So… Overall, we all ate a bit better this week. No one starved. We found some things we liked and some things we didn’t. Some recipes we will be keeping and some will be going in the trash.

But we are taking steps towards eating more cleanly… Even if our steps are small and are rewarded with frozen pizza on Sunday!

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