My first attempt!

Yes! Tonight is my first night of not following a recipe! I can cook, but generally, if you take the recipe away from me and I go free-style, everyone ends up hungry in the end! So this is big! But our kids are gone tonight so I only have to please me and the hubby for dinner! 

I knew I wanted chicken and Brussel sprouts since that is what I had on hand and unthawed. I can do this!!

First, some olive oil and pressed garlic cloves in the pan, then add chicken… Yep, I’m doing great!  But I better get fancy so I added some onion powder, black pepper, a little salt, and basil. No… I didn’t measure any of it! But it looks good and is smelling good too!

So, now what. I have “fresh” Brussel sprouts and a bag of kale. Let’s sauté that up! Added some green onions and a few slices of red onion to that, as well as some black pepper, very little salt, and crushed red pepper. It’s smelling okay at this point but it’s missing something! Ah! A couple dashes of red wine vinegar! I love the color this has!

Now, how shall we eat this green chicken loveliness? Got it! Put the chicken and veggie mixture in an 8″ wheat tortilla and sprinkle a table spoon of Parmesan cheese on it. Roll that baby up and put it in the pan to warm… Let that cheese melt!


Hubby gave me a 9! Yes! A 9!!!!! I hardly ever get 9’s! (Yes, he does rate my cooking on a scale of 1 to 10 and I am totally okay with that!)

Wow! He’s not the only one who’s impressed! Yum!



2 thoughts on “My first attempt!

    1. PlexuswithNicole Post author

      Thanks Kathy! I never thought Troy would eat it either! He is on board with me to take some steps to get healthy though, so he gave it a try. Thankfully he liked it so my chances are good he will trust me again! 🙂



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