Not Today!! 

It’s been one of those days where I wonder how I am still awake and not crashed out and unresponsive to the world. Lots of running and moving, moving and running.

It started with an early drive to the “big city” for an appointment. Once it was over I had to head straight back so I could pick up the oldest child and take him in for a last minute dentist appointment (about 45 minute drive from home) to check on a broken tooth. Then it was back to school to pick up the little one and one of my sons friends so he could come to basketball practice with us. Home to make dinner quickly, get some homework done, clean a little, and head to coach basketball practice which was sure to be intense after our tournament loss over the weekend! Phew!

Now… Those that know my history know that longevity driving is not my thing. I used to have a half way point between our “country” home and the “big city” where I would pull over to take a 15-25 minute nap. Yeah, that bad.

I have only fell asleep driving once… It wasn’t good… But I had stayed up til 5am studying for a final, fell asleep for an hour, then got up to drive. I totalled my car but thankfully wasn’t hurt badly. But I know that the portential is always there with me… I can sleep almost anywhere! So spending almost 3 hours in the car driving by myself today and then another hour and a half in the car with my oldest, definitely would’ve been a challenge for me. 


After getting home from school today, knowing we would be leaving in about an hour and a half, my old self would’ve popped in a frozen pizza or quickly thrown together some macaroni and cheese. 


Today I got home and cut up some carrots and onions, defrosted some beef steak, made a sauce, and cooked up some great beef and vegetable lo mein. I would’ve taken pictures but we were kind of in a rush. I got some cleaning done on the side and helped the little one with her homework!

We got to basketball practice and we knew we needed to work the boys hard on our offense and rebounding.  

The first month of basketball, my co-coach and I played 2 on 2 with some boys after practice. We played to 11 and I was WIPED!! I had to step out and catch my breath and call it quits.  


There are a handful of our boys that haven’t quite got the offense yet so with the help of a great parent that came to help, we took those boys and drilled the offense. The two of us played defense on the 5 of them. It was hard work!! Not only was I switching my defensive coverage between the players during the drill, when I got to each one with the ball I was yelling “PASS! PASS! PASS!”… “CUT! CUT! CUT!”… “CALL! CALL! CALL!” (For the ball)… “SHIFT!”  Once they started to get it I was getting excited and yelling kudos at them and encouraging them to go faster and yell louder!  Then!! After working on the offense drill, when we had the boys run, I ran with them!!

So… After all of the madness of my Monday, I am loving my plexus and it has nothing to do with my weight.  In fact, my weight on the scale hasn’t moved in over a week (which is okay considering I was on vacation last week)!  I am loving my plexus for what is happening to my body! 

  • Not once did I get drowsy during any of my drives today
  • I got through my day on one cup of coffee and water!!
  • Not once did I consider popping in a quick fix dinner
  • I made a delicious, healthy dinner for my family in less than an hour
  • I got active during our practice and led the boys by example

I feel like a totally different person, and that is who I am TODAY!


My Plexus Website


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