Bathroom Transformation!

So my wonderful hubby gave me a gift card to HL for Christmas. I had racked my brain trying to figure out what to spend it on, and finally decided that with my overflowing craft items, that redocortaing the basement bathroom was the way to go.

My patient mom and I spend a couple hours at HL trying to figure out what exactly to do, when I remembered hubby’s suggestion of a hunting themed bathroom. So… 

We started with a pretty clean slate, as you can see

HL had some awesome antler accessories, so we picked those up. 

I was glad to see the shiny silver TP holder go! Next to remove the towel rack and replace it with a nice shelf and basket.

Still going to trim my towels with some Camo fabric but who knows when I will get time to sit down at the sewing machine!  Also found a couple deer pictures out of one of Cohen’s old calendars, so we framed those babies up!  

With my mom and step-dad moving, they are cleaning house and my step-dad volunteered his amazing deer portrait and some wonderful Avon gun shaped cologne containers. Our basement is trimmed in barn board and we have some extra planks laying around, so I grabbed one to display these wonderful guns. After buying some suede and some brass decorative thumb tacks, I positioned each gun on the barn board. Turned out pretty cool!!

The walls still looked a little bare so while watching some March Madness basketball I painted myself a picture to hang up.

So, we have gone from nothing, to something! I think I still want to add something more on the TP holder wall, but for now, I think I’m hunted out and am ready to move on to something else!!

Our new furniture should be coming this week so let’s hope to see this transformation happen soon!!

Everything is still on the tile in the bar area since the carpet just came a couple weeks ago. So ready to have a livable space down here!!

Enjoy your day!!



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