Say what?!?!

Yep! That was me! A skeptic!

I had been seeing these Plexus testimonials for months and I wouldn’t take the leap. I did do my share of research on it though! And then I thought… “Have I ever researched about the aspartame in my diet pepsi!” And “Have I ever done this much research on any other over the counter medicine or supplement I am taking?”

When I realized that on a daily basis I had been blindly accepting so many things that I put in to my body I decided to stop researching and find out for myself the truth of this amazing product line!

My main reason for wanting to try this product was for the health benefits. I am always tired, bloated, sluggish, not at the “top of my game”, anxious, and lately have been suffering from continuous infections. So the thought of an all-natural product being able to help change those symptoms was definitely appealing. And in all honesty, the thought of weight loss wasn’t a bad thing either! I mean, I’ve been sporting my post baby muffin top for 7 years now!

So I jumped in feet first! I decided to start selling this product because there are SO MANY testimonies of positive results… Many of which I know personally. But the idea of getting the product at wholesale cost was what sealed that deal for me.

I ordered the “Plexus Triplex” which is the Plexus Slim, ProBio5, and the Biocleanse. I started taking them on Thursday, January 22, 2015. By Sunday, I was noticing changes:

  • I fell asleep easier and I was more awake when I woke up. 
  • I felt more energized during the day. It’s not energy like I am on speed or something, just more awake and alert. Often I would fall asleep if I was sitting and watching tv and I could tell that definitely wasn’t going to happen on Plexus!
  • I had an active infection when I started the plexus and was not on any meds at the time. The symptoms began to disappear!
  • Concentrating on my work was improving!
  • My anxiety level was definitely going down!

I was definitely in awe of how fast things were improving in my body!

On my first day, my weight was 200 pounds. My measurements were:

  • Hips: 44.5″
  • Belly: 44.5″
  • Natural waistline: 40.25″
  • Chest: 43″

One week later my weight is 190!

My measurement are: 

  • Hips: 44.5″
  • Belly: 43.75
  • Natural waistline: 39″
  • Chest: 43″

That’s a total of 10 pounds and 2 inches gone!!

Now before anyone freaks out, let me tell you this.

  • I was a multiple times a day diet drinker. Diet coke, diet Pepsi… It didn’t matter, but I drank A LOT of soda!  A LOT!
  • I could empty a pot of coffee in the morning and then some!
  • I work from home so snacking just came naturally. 
  • We ate a ton of processed foods.

Since starting the Plexus:

  • I have not had a single dark soda in 6 days. I don’t even WANT one! We have a standing dinner night with my in-laws one night a week, and I can always polish off at least 2 diet pepsi’s while we are there. This week I didn’t even think about grabbing one out of the fridge! I did have a 7-up with dinner the other night, but even that was my only soda during this time! And I DON’T MISS IT!
  • I am averaging one cup of coffee a day now. 
  • I have virtually NO snack cravings! When I feel hungry I drink some water and wait 20 minutes and if I am still hungry I grab some almonds or something small and voila! All better!
  • As mentioned in my previous post… We have been taking steps to cleaner eating so we are not relying on all of the processed products we once consumed on a daily basis.
  • I downloaded a food tracker app on my phone to make sure I was eating properly and I am consistently getting 1200-1300 calories every day.
  • The only requirement with Plexus is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every day, so I have been putting down my 100 ounces.

Here is my week to week picture comparison! The top picture is from last week and the bottom is one week later!


I am beyond excited about these products and how they are making me feel! Even my husband is noticing and trying it out for himself!!

Thanks for sharing in my journey! I’d love to share this product with the world, so let me know if I can help you get to a healthier you as well!! Don’t make the same mistake as me an keep putting your health on the back burner!



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